Yen Huynh Rabe

Running for Position 3

Yen Huynh Rabe and her family lives in Clear Brook City MUD in the Southbelt area since they moved back to Houston over 16 years ago to be near her parents. Their daughter attended Pasadena ISD schools from 2nd -12th  grade.  Yen has school age nieces and nephews whom she would like to see reach their fullest potential.  She is running for school board because, as an educator, she is very aware of students, teachers, and support workers’ needs. Currently there are NO educators on the school board. When elected, she will make decisions that are more fiscally responsible by RESCINDING the decision to move the Administration Building. Instead, we should renovate it and improve our aging school buildings. She will prioritize students, teachers and support workers’ HEALTH AND SAFETY, especially during this COVID pandemic. She will make decisions and policies that are more EQUITABLE and provide more opportunities for our students. This will increase effectiveness and efficiency of taxpayers’ money. She is open to INPUT and FEEDBACK from community members. She believes that working together as a community, we can make positive changes.



Yen has been active in the Pasadena ISD school community.  She served as class parent at Frazier Elementary School as well as an Orchestra mom when her daughter was a student at Dobie High School. She has attended and has spoken up at public school board meetings on several occasions since 2007 about the change in the school start time.  As a result, the district formed the School Start Time Committee in which she became an active voice for healthier start times. As a Teacher at Pasadena High School for 14 years, she was also a French Club/International Club sponsor.  She led numerous field trips and activities to give students exposure beyond the classroom. Yen is already engaged and participating and is committed to continue her hard work to help make our schools the best they can be.



Yen thrived in public schools in Seguin ISD and Houston ISD.  She had caring teachers in excellent academic settings.   In her senior year of high school, she got accepted as an intern in the Junior Fellowship program with NASA Johnson Space Center to work every summer until she graduated from college.  It was a great work experience and it helped finance her college education.  Yen went on to be the first in her family to graduate from college from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where she earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Economics and Industrial Management.  She then obtained her Masters in French from Middlebury College.  She saw first-hand how public education can prepare students for the demands of life and the rigors of higher education and set them up for success in their endeavors.



Currently, she is teaching in HISD in her 16th year.  In her spare time, she applies her business acumen as a commercial real estate investor and developer.   Yen uses her creativity, ingenuity and passion for learning in each endeavor she undertakes.


Yen’s hope for all Pasadena ISD students is that their K-12 education sets them up to discover their passions and enables them to pursue a life complete with happiness and fulfillment. That looks different for everyone, and Yen believes when our schools provide a healthy environment and are safe and effective, the whole community benefit.