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Time for Change

College Readiness and Vocational Programs

As educators, we  value higher education. We believe every PISD student should graduate with the tools needed to succeed in life. We also believe our students deserve choices.  All types of learning and careers have value. Our students need to  have options to attend a university, seek a 2-year degree, or learn a trade that will give them access to well paid careers in the profession, academic space, or vocational field of their choice.

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Ensure Local Control and Fiscal Responsibility

Pasadena Independent School District has a proposed budget of $627.5M for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, a much bigger budget than the City of Pasadena budget of $201.6M for the 2021 fiscal year.   As of the 2018-2019 school year, there are  53,157 students, 69 campuses, and 8,279 employees. We have a lot of needs to balance.  We are committed to making sure money is allocated in the best interest of the students, parents, teachers, and community. This includes making sure schools within our district are meeting students’ needs. We will work hard to provide proper oversight of the PISD Administration’s spending through fiscal transparency and accountability.

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Mental Health and School Safety

This pandemic is producing higher levels of anxiety and trauma among our students and this is affecting their ability to learn. We want to find innovative ways to increase funding and develop partnerships for mental health services so our students can succeed during this pandemic and once we return to the classroom. 
We believe there are physical and emotional aspects to safety.  Parents need to know that their children will be taken care of in school and that there is clear communication from the school about their children. Students with special needs have to receive the right resources and support to feel safe. 
In our classes, we focus on socio-emotional learning, personal reflection and actively work to de-stigmatize therapy. Although the district is doing a lot, we can do much more.  
We are committed to developing better structures that allow teachers, administrators, parents and agencies working together to respond to student mental health needs.

Partnership with parents, teachers and community businesses and organizations.

The board members cannot do their jobs alone. They must work together, and they must reach out and collaborate with parents, teachers and the community. 
We need to continue to engage parents and learn from the experiences. They know their children best and can give input to guide the direction of the district. 
Our teachers are our best asset. They are amazing professionals who have shown us (especially in 2020) how dedicated and adaptable they are. They know what’s really happening in the classrooms and must be involved in the decision-making for our schools.  
And we must work with the community to coordinate part-time work hours for our students so that they have time to do their homework and have adequate rest.  Furthermore, we can work together to provide reciprocity through internships and work programs between our students and the local community businesses and organizations during school and after graduation.

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Effective, forthright, transparent communication

Consistent, informative communication with the public is vital to the board and the administration. There must not only be transparency in all district business, but improved messaging to our community to encourage input and participation from all the stakeholders through followups after public comments at school board meetings.
In addition, it is necessary to have forthright communication about programs through Tegeler, Connect, AP, CTHS, Early College, etc.

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