Crystal Dávila 
Ms. Dávila
Running for Position 2 

Crystal is running for school board in her district because she understands education, she knows Pasadena ISD, and she loves her community. She wants to do right by her community who she could represent if elected to the School Board. Crystal is a young, energetic, and passionate Latina who is a product of Pasadena ISD, having attended L. F. Smith Elementary School, Queens Intermediate, and graduated from Pasadena High School in 2011. As a math teacher in her fifth year of service at Pasadena High School she enjoys talking with and getting to know her students and colleagues, but many feel as though opportunities are lacking in the School District and in Pasadena as a whole. The current school board has done great things for Pasadena ISD and she sees the potential of working alongside them.  She has exciting and innovative ideas that would enable students, communities, and the city of Pasadena to flourish. She is confident that she will be able to bring a fresh insight, an educator’s experience, and the heart of a teacher to the School Board.



Crystal graduated from Pasadena High School in 2011 and received her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) in Math and Urban Studies, along with a teaching certificate from UTeach STEM. After graduating from UT in 2015, she joined the Pasadena Eagles family in 2016 and has been working there since. She enjoys working with her students, embracing their diverse cultural backgrounds, and their wit to keep her hip. She always shares stories with her family and friends.



As an educator, she realizes how much potential there is in the Pasadena community to transform and build sustainable relationships where members care for each other’s needs, starting with the youth at an early age at school.  
Students are curious people and she thinks the district should help students foster that curiosity to build from it. They have specific interests and talents.  Schools should be able to provide a place where students can build confidence in order to pursue their dreams and refine their talents. Crystal wants to help students and their families achieve their goals by catering to their needs and interests.  However, we must first make sure the infrastructure and technology our students and teachers deserve are provided.